What’s In My Carry On

My Favorite Must Have’s for Today’s Traveler

Even as children when we explored we still wanted the ‘base’ that home provided, to fuel our boldness to push ourselves to go to our places as yet unexplored. Here is what is always in my carry on when I travel.

  1. Sunglasses, my current favorites are my Givenchy 58mm Sunglasses. They are black with grey lenses, and I’ve had many friends steal them off my face and try them on and love them. They somehow manage to magically fit all face types and look great on everyone I have seen them on. I got them at Nordstrom so they are not hard to find.
  1. My Land by Land No. 22 Neroli travel candle. I am obsessed with the scent of Neroli as it reminds me of Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino collection, which always brings me back to being in Positano when I took my mom for her 50th birthday five years ago. I loved finding an affordable travel candle that smells the same! I bring these candles with me every time I travel, and they are a perfect product to keep in your dopp kit or carry on at all times because they are so small, and for me it always reminds me of that incredible trip and great memories wherever I am.
  1. My Baja East black cashmere Ikat graffiti sweatpants. They are made out of the most comfortable cashmere, have zippered pockets so nothing will fall out on the plane (that has happened to me too many times), and a drawstring waist. I literally live in these sweatpants whether I am in the air or not, I actually am currently in my hotel room in New York wearing them. Baja East’s core value is loose luxury, with sumptuous fabrics and they make amazing products. I have pieces from many of their collections and with each new one I fall more in love with the brand as each one always evolves, just like we do.
  1. A travel notebook. Being away from the structure of your home life always feeds us with ideas and thoughts that we want to write down, and I like to have a tangible outlet for those inspirations. For instance, if I come across certain restaurant, bar or lounges, people, or quotes or things on my travels it allows me to write them down and how experiences or settings speak to me in ways I never knew before.
  1. A new book. I love a good read and there is no better time to get the chance to read a good book. Whether you are in a Starbucks, a lounge, or on the plane; it’s a chance to take a break and escape. A current favorite of mine that I just read on my flight home from Paris was The Gilded Razor, by Sam Lanksy. It’s an amazing memoir that talks about active addiction and recovery. I love hearing about other people’s stories of perseverance. People magazine raved that “this raw, beautifully observed memoir both terrifies and inspires,” and Susan Chever, author of Drinking in America, called Sam “a charismatic teenage narrator who shows that addiction is no respecter of class, education, or intelligence.” He truly is and his story is remarkable.
  1. My Black Umbrella card, which you can get through It’s a custom made metal card you carry in your wallet with you when you travel, or even all the time if you chose. It gives you the freedom of not having to worry as the card lists key names, numbers, and safe locations of use in case of emergency. This comes in handy especially if your phone is dead or not working. Mine has my family members and closest friends phone numbers, the numbers to all my credit cards and banks, and the 911 numbers for my most frequented countries. Mine is matte black, but now you can get them in a bunch of different colors. I added the 911 numbers after having a very traumatic experience in Paris years ago, so having this on me always brings me peace of mind.
  1. Tom Ford for Men hydrating lip balm. It is by far the best lip balm I have ever used and at $25 bucks you’ll be happy to know it lasts forever. I have tried nearly every brand of lip balm because my lips get dry easily and especially when travelling your lips take a beating. I keep it in my pocket at all times, I have one in the car, and always keep one ready in my dopp kit so I am never without it.
  1. Gray Malin’s Carry On Cocktail Kit, “to enhance your aerial view at 30,000 feet.” The kit includes all the tools you need to mix two vodka & tonic’s midflight, and all you need is the hard stuff. The kit includes craft tonic syrup, ½ ounce jigger, bar spoon, linen coaster, straw and stirrer. This way you don’t have to deal with the sugar filled canned stuff and you have a spiffy looking drink. The person sitting next to you will definitely get some FOMO from what they are drinking!
  1. Grown Alchemist’s Hydra-Mist. It’s an advanced facial hydrating mist formulated with potent peptides, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants that hydrate and soothe your skin. I use mine throughout flights and right before I land, and everyday before I leave the house. Being in the air and especially for international flights dries out and stresses your skin, so this is a perfect in-flight hydration boost. I get mine in travel size from Caileur, an online luxury travel essentials website. They have all your luxury travel size products, accessible at the click of a button. Check them out at
  1. Last but certainly not least, my Priority Pass card. It allows you lounge access at airports all over the world, and a lot of credit card companies will actually comp your membership. So look into yours and see if it does. I know that both American Express and Chase Sapphire cards do. Priority Pass’s app is great because you just select the airport you are in and it will show you what lounges are available to you and where they are located in the airport. The biggest benefit; free Wi-Fi, outlets, good food and drinks. You cannot go wrong as there is no better environment when waiting for your next flight.

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