Brendan Brown


For Brendan Brown, real estate uniquely combines his passions of architecture, art, and design. He graduated magna cum laude from the University of Arizona and Chapman University (in Finance and Business Administration). After, his singular drive led him to establish his own brokerage at 23. His aesthetic discernment, combined with a pulse for the culturally resonant, fueled the success of his fashion and lifestyle blog, Mr. BGB. Before the age of 30, he had made a name for himself as an international tastemaker. He held a personal Huffington Post contributor panel, and was amongst the exclusive GQ, Mr. Porter, and Travel + Leisure Insiders. His collaboration with fashion lifestyle brands, close associations with celebrities, and natural magnetism led Page Six to name him one of New York City’s “Men About Town”.

Brendan’s connection to the cultural elite infuses his real estate business. A true curator, he is able to select not just the perfect property for each individual client, but to offer insider access to the rarest experiences. Famous for his discretion and foundational loyalty, he is the real estate agent of choice for many celebrities and cultural influencers. His bi-coastal experience and sales of iconic buildings in exclusive locales such as Los Angeles, Malibu, Orange County, and New York City, has given power to his ascending star.


Brendan’s curiosity and charisma have led him all over the world. Beyond his international collaborations and friendships, he is committed to philanthropy. Chairing efforts at the Young Professionals Committee and Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, The Invictus Games, and GLAAD. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his husband David, and their dog Harry.


From February 2021 to November 2023, Brendan was a luxury real estate agent at Westside Estate Agency. In December 2023, Brendan joined OFFICIAL PARTNERS as their Los Angeles PRODIGY. He is the first West Coast PRODIGY. In December, he became the first bi-coastal PRODIGY, with his markets being Los Angeles and New York City.


Brendan created the Mr. BGB blog to be a one-stop guide for men who appreciate fashion, design, travel, wellness. A place that you could enjoy curating a lifestyle suited towards yourself, or where you want to go. Here he provides fresh fashion insights, his favorite new products, travel ideas, and the best lifestyle additions. Paired with personal stories, he shares things that inspire him, tips and tricks. Inclinations from people, brands, and companies that he respects and admires.

Brendan’s love of experiencing new cultures and penchant for global travel is evident on Mr. BGB. Before he turned 30, he traveled to over 33 countries. With his innate passion for fashion and design, he brings it all that to the table. Mr. BGB’s showcases fun new discoveries ranging from new and classic designers, devices, experiences, and wellness and travel tips. The ultimate goal is to find ideas and inspiration, and make them your own.

Mr. BGB is a platform where he shares personal stories, opening up about all aspects of his life. Past/Present/Future. You can follow Brendan on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, or SnapChat. His social media handle on all platforms and channels is @MrBGB.

For brand and media inquiries, please send information to contact@mrbgb.com. If you would like to reach him personally at brendan@mrbgb.com.