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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are reportedly looking to relocate, and real estate expert Brendan Brown has named the place that is most likely to tick the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s every need

It’s been a question of where next for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as the pair continue to command privacy. Brendan Brown speaks on where they could end up next while remaining secluded.

Their time in Montecito is reported to be coming to an end with their next move still seemingly up in the air. But now, celebrity real estate agent Brendan Brown has told the Mirror the pair should be taking a close look at Malibu as their next port of call. As it’s been reported Brendan Brown is Prince Harry’s real estate agent.


Brendan Brown of Westside Estate Agency labelled Malibu as an “enclave for the wealthy to really get the closest thing to small town feel”. He described the area as a “slightly more showbiz version of Montecito” and revealed it would be a much more sensible option for the pair following Meghan’s signing with top talent agency WME.

Carbon Beach (featured above) was labelled as a potential fit. While the pair’s next move is unknown, Brendan explained all the positives for a move to the area. Although a budget of at least $15-$25million would be required for their dream property.

Top of Brendan’s list was the aptly nicknamed Billionaire’s Beach. Also known as Carbon Beach, the area is said to be one of the most exclusive communities on offer. It’s also home to some of the most expensive residences in the world. To make it even more appealing it offers an amazing beachside lifestyle.

Another viable option, according to Brendan is Serra Retreat, which used to be home to Britney Spears. Switching the beach life for the tranquility of the Santa Monica mountains, the area is described as “multi-point gated.” Giving the famous duo that private feel they’ve so openly been yearning for.

Brendan Brown Prince Harry Meghan Markle Montecito

Paradise Cove also got an honourable mention. Brendan Brown says it’s “renowned for its access to some of the best private beaches in all of Malibu. Perfect for Prince Harry.”

Brendan went on to reveal exactly what these destinations would offer the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. “Gated, secure, and Meghan and Harry would probably feel the most comfortable around other high profile and UHNW individuals.” He also said they all offer “multiple layers of security like dual gates”.

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