The Vulnerable Introspective of Alexander Mijares

When you think of Art Basel, you don’t immediately think of someone putting their utmost vulnerability and private struggles into their well regarded work. Enter Alexander The Great, or Alexander Mijares, the immensely talented painter whose work has begun to shift to include his signature colorful paintings, to the all black and white pieces from his first New York show, to neutral tones depicting the the ups and downs of his life he displayed this past week at Basel. Showcasing his diverse talent for the types of works he can produce as he becomes more comfortable in exposing himself as an artist, there is still his signature colorful works showcased on the Lamborghini Aventador he custom painted for MPH Club, conveniently positioned outside of the SLS South Beach for the gawkers, guests, and those attending other events any the hotel to see alike. The focal point of the entrance to one of the most populated and visited locations during Art Basel.

“Alexander” the introspective was held in Wynwood and attended by nearly one thousand people opening night. Once inside the first thing you saw was a wall adorned with these words that spoke of the depth of the pieces. “Life is a collection of moments… moments that lead lead you down a path that turns into yours journey…my life has had its ups and downs… “Alexander” is a collection of some of the most intimate and impactful moments in my life… This is the first time I have been able to look inside and transfer everything onto canvas… Sometimes it was easy, and other times it was difficult… Art has changed my life for the better and allowed me to spread to positivity and love… I feel blessed to be able to share these moments with you.”

The pieces did exactly that. From my favorite piece, “Free Mijares,” speaks of an evening gone wrong turned into a blessing of a lesson. Breaking free of being a prisoner of your own. To the extremely personal piece entitled “Whatever,” in which Alex describes people doubting his from the beginning of his art career, leaving him out of conversations, and people talking shit. Topics I think that would resonate with many people. “This is my one piece for them.” Then to his last piece that I think a lot of kids that have grown up in this generation can resonate with, is being misunderstood. Aptly the title of the piece, “Misunderstood” describes him being singled out for being called on and not knowing the answer to something. When he began to try and distract himself by drawing in his notebooks, he would be kicked out of class. Later determined as a learning disability, the lasting effect is evident in the work.


These are only a fraction of the pieces on display and available for purchase, and “Alexander” will be on display on for 3 months by appointment only. To see available works visit, or email

The custom Lamborghini Aventador is available for rent through MPH Club through their website or Instagram.



“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” – Alexander The Great

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