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The Only Candy in The World with a Waiting List


When I arrived in New York last week a good friend of mine Alexandra, a ‘native of the island’, told me about this new beautiful mall in downtown that I had to check out, and that it also housed the most expensive train station in the world. As I was spending my last day walking through an area of the city I had never stayed in before, I ended up at the Freedom Tower. So when I noticed this architecturally stunning building right next to it (assuming it was the new museum) I walked in, and then I realized it was the mall that Alex was telling me about. Lets just say having heavily armed militia walking next to you throughout a mall was definitely a new experience for me.

I walked into to Sugarfina and my peripheral vision was instantly hijacked by this display with a Rosé bottle. I walked over to see what it was and it turns out to be their new Whispering Rose Rosé x Sugarfina collaboration, where rose shaped gummies are infused with the Whispering Angel Rosé. I then read the sign behind the bottle saying “IT’S HERE. The only candy with its own waitlist.”  I asked the sales person if that was true and they informed me that yes, it was the first candy in the WORLD to ever have a waitlist. Now my curiosity was peaked, and I needed to know why.

She explained to me in vivid detail (it felt like she had been briefed by corporate, which looking back I am sure she was) that Kelly Rippa mentioned it on her show on July 6th, and within an hour her viewers had crashed Sugarfina’s website! By the time their site was back live, there was over 18,000 orders and was backordered until the fourth week in August. She told me that now that its back in stock, I should get it before its gone again, especially due to the fact they are imported from Germany. So I stocked up, figuring I’ll use them in Christmas stockings for my family and gifts for friends. However now that I have tasted these delicious treats, I know I am going to end up eating them. I might have to send them to a ‘safe-house’ for someone to hold them for me.

With Rosé All Day being one of the biggest catch phrases of the summer, they utilized some extremely strategic marketing for this collaboration. To have a near two-month long waitlist for your Rosé infused gummies, that’s a mic drop moment of epic proportions and something that has literally never happened before. You can buy them individually or in the Rosé All Day Party Pack that contains 6 boxes and comes packaged in their signature blue box. So if you love Rosé as much as I do, I would crop them up at now at and get them before they are gone (again). Cheers!