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Things That I Can’t Travel Without

When you travel, regardless of it is for work or fun, what are the things that you can’t travel without? What are the items that are always in your carry-on? This post is all about whats in Brendan Brown’s carry on. Years of constantly traveling led me to keeping a fully stocked dopp kit in my duffel bag at all times. I’ve gotten packing my carry-on to precision level. Precision; but ALWAYS HEAVY. When I moved to NYC in 2018, I purchased the full Away Travel’s Black Aluminum luggage set. It was an extremely limited collaboration they did with Dwayne Wade, and one I wish they would made permanent.


Away’s The Bigger Carry-On: Aluminum Edition in silver is a part of their permanent collection. I snapped up both the Large Suitcase and The Bigger Carry-On in the Black Aluminum when I got my set. The Large one I use on longer trips, or I have a lot of things that I need to bring with me. The Bigger Carry-On I always bring with me on the plane, for things I want with me but won’t need mid-flight. I also never travel without my Louis Vuitton Keepall 55 in the Monogram Eclipse. I still remember saving money from my first paychecks to buy my first one when I was 17. It is easy to carry with the strap and holds a TON of stuff. Not to mention it is extremely pliable when needing to squeeze into the overhead compartment.

With my tried and true travel staples established and tested, it’s really what’s inside that is the most important part. Am I right? I am. If I am going somewhere cold like I was this past weekend heading back to New York; I will pack my coats and valuables I wouldn’t want to lose or have a delayed in my carry-on suitcase. It is all there, safe, and I don’t have to open a suitcase mid-flight from the overhead to access things I need to use on the flight. That is why anything I am going to be using, or wanting easy access to is always in my duffel bag.


I always prefer to get some work done during flights, or read a new great book. I always have my MacBook Pro, and this trip I brought the new book The Address by Fiona Davis. It’s a novel spanning the lives of the residents of the iconic Dakota building on the Upper West Side. Having always admired everything about that building, from the history to the architecture; setting a story in the infamous building is a book I will read.

When I am working on the plane, I always have my AirPods in. This is great but also annoying because then you have to buy the $5 plug-in headphones to watch the movies. Who even has corded It’s about time planes adopt a bluetooth headphone mentality. One thing I love about my AirPods is my friend Tracy Sheer of SheJustKnows custom makes bootleg AirPod Cases; from Goyard to Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. I have an inverted monogram case so its very hard to misplace. Check out her AirPod cases on her online store SheJustKnows or Instagram @ShopSheJustKnows. She sells incredible one of a kind pieces, trinkets, home goods, accessories, and custom and vintage clothing.


Being the shameless person that I am, this does not end on a plane. I could care less what I look like while on the plane, or if what I am doing looks insane. I will be adjusting my Joanna Vargas Eden Instant Lift Face Mask while chugging water sitting there watching a movie. Taking care of your skin is always so important, and personally even more so in an airliner cabin. This sheet mask by Joanna for flights is a favorite in particular because it keeps your skin extremely hydrated, and brightens it. I always have my Tom Ford for Men Hydrating Lip Balm with me, and a plane is no place to be without it. No joke I have this on my nightstand, in my car, in my backpack, my duffel bag; it’s everywhere. I know… you get it. Enough already.

Similar to my Tom Ford lip balm that never leaves my side, neither does my Joovv Go device. As you know from my last post, I recently became hooked on red light therapy and this portable device. I use this targeted device anytime I can throughout the day. Surprisingly, I do draw the line at interrupting the rest of the plane with bright red lights. The second I got in the car at JFK however, that thing was powered up.

Throughout the flight I will also constantly spray my face Radice Cosmetics Orange Blossom Water. This is a product and company that I have been writing about for nearly FOUR years. I have the same great things to say about the brand, it’s founder Jasmine, and all of Radice’s ever expanding product line that I said back then. Except now the entire line has become a cult staple of mine.


My new favorite obsession Shore Magic, a luxury hydrolyzed marine collagen powder. Trust me in saying not only was this definitely in my duffel bag, but in my pockets throughout the day. Their 10 Day Mini Luxury Packs are incredibly convenient for travel, and always in Brendan Brown’s carry on. even just being on the go. Their collagen powder is one like I have never experienced, not just in the benefits and results, but presentation. Not only is it 19x more absorbable than other sources of collagen, it has only one pure ingredient. Which is sourced wild fish skins. The 10 Day Luxury packs are packaged to perfection for those on the go. They could not be designed to be more practical, beneficial, or luxurious if they tried.

A couple of weeks ago I started to use it every morning by mixing it into my tea, and began to see and feel results very quickly. I decided to challenge myself to stick with it daily for the next four months. You will definitely be learning more about that and this amazing brand on the blog soon. I highly recommend checking them out if you use, or have been looking to incorporate collagen proteins into your routine. Even better? Right now their price for the 10 Day Luxury Pack is only $45 for a limited time! So now would be the time to jump onboard that train! They also have a great copper premium frother that is perfect for everyday use and travel.


Since I am the person who needs it to be pitch black to sleep, and I am talking black-out curtains and a sleep mask at home pitch black. For trips I turn to the brands I trust and use at home to accompany me on my travels. Thankfully for me, many of their customers think the same way. Brendan Brown’s carry on always has a trusty Shhh Silk Grey Eye Mask (no doubt monogrammed with Mr. BGB) and my Casper Nap Pillow. The sleep mask blocks out all the light, all while ensuring you don’t wake up with sleep creasing on your face.

But I am getting ahead of myself here, because I definitely don’t get on a plane and just go to sleep. I recently had a person tell me they could “fall asleep on razor blade,” a saying I had never heard yet deeply envied. Since I have to take sleeping pills each night unfortunately, when I travel I make sure to double up on my Herbalore NYC Catalyst Gold vitamins to ensure I don’t get sick. These are always in Brendan Brown’s carry on. I’ll take them together, chug some more water to stay hydrated, and shortly after it is lights out, pun intended.

Last year was when I really got into weighted blankets thanks to Gravity Blankets. So when they did a travel collaboration with the Calm meditation app which I already use to ease into sleep, naturally I couldn’t stay away. This trip was the first time I got to bring my Gravity x Calm Travel Blanket with me, and it was the perfect combination of weight and warmth. Even being the notorious insomniac that I am, utilizing this new blanket, my Calm meditation app, and everything I stated above knocks me out for the duration of the flight. Now it’s an essential for Brendan Brown’s carry on.


Shortly before landing when I wake myself up, or let’s be real someone else “accidentally” does, I will put on one of the Joanna Vargas Bright Eye Firming Mask for about 20 minutes to wake my eyes up. That way I look refreshed upon landing and not like a zombie. After that I will head for the bathroom where I will freshen up before we land. I’ll brush my teeth with the Quip All-Black metal toothbrush, which naturally I love because its all black. It is also is the Charity Edition, so each time one is purchased they make a donation to the Global Dental Relief Foundation. I’ll put some Reuzel Red Pomade into my hair, spray some more Orange Blossom Water on my face and spray Le Labo Neroli 36 on head back to seat.


A rule of mine is to always dress nice, yet comfortable for flights. Depending on what I have going on directly from when I land tends to be the deciding factor on that. Another reason for this is because you never know who you will meet in an airport, or what could come from that interaction. I learned that long ago and it has served me quite well to never stray from that mentality. Sometimes I will change about 30 minutes into the flight, and change back into the original outfit 30 minutes before we land. You know, for comfort’s sake.

Since this trip my first stop was to see my barber Nick, I wore my Pool Blue Fall Risk waffle knit cashmere sweat suit. Designed by my close friend John Targon, I dare you to try and find a better and softer cashmere sweatsuit. If you do, I will buy us both one. You can read all about the inception of his brand Fall Risk, John himself, and these godsend sweats here. He made them in two colors, Midnight Black and Pool Blue, so naturally I snapped up both. I personally love to mix and match these two color-ways together with the hoodies and the pants. This was also one of the things John had intended while designing that Volume, and one of the great focuses the brand holds. Luckily I had the Midnight Black set in my carry-on in case I wanted to change last minute.

With those I wore my Balmain Military Coat on the plane to save space in my luggage. Let’s just say cashmere on cashmere is usually very hot as you can imagine. Luckily the blend of these sweats are the most breathable cashmere ones I have encountered yet. I always wear Adidas sneakers when I travel since they are easy and comfortable. I usually wear either my Stan Smiths, but this time I wore my dove grey NMD’s. Never to be forgotten is a solid black hat, and a pair of OG Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Now that we know all of the things that I can’t travel without, what can’t you? I would love to hear what you guys always have in your carry-ons and travel with as well!