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How Red Light Therapy with Joovv is a GAME CHANGER

In talking to people about Red Light Therapy I have found that people fall into one of three categories. 1: They know what red light therapy does, and are familiar with the ways in which it can help heal a variety of different ailments. 2: They think they know what it does. 3: They simply have no idea at all. I have previously fallen into all three of those categories, and would only say I truly knew the full extent until I was recently introduced to the Joovv family of Red Light Therapy devices.

My introduction to red light therapy came years ago by my dermatologist after I had a bad ATV accident abroad. I was worried about the majority of my left forearm being scarred from the accident, and one of the methods of treatment we did was right light therapy. This was back in 2013 so the treatment was a not as well known as it is now, but she placed a red light shield over the area for thirty minutes per session. She explained to me that the treatments would improve the healing time of my skin and the wound, naturally boost collagen production to aid in cell turnover, and that the red light aided in reducing the inflammation that accompanied my arm that was camouflaged in road rash. The main selling point of this however was when she explained to me the benefit that red light therapy has in the reduction of the visibility of scars, which was of great a relief to me. Since I also have a 6 inch scar above my left eyebrow from a childhood injury (IDK what it is with me and injuries on the left side of my body), I had her treat my face as well. While the scar on my head had healed nearly perfectly from the accident over a decade prior, if I was already doing the treatments on my arm to make scarring any less noticeable, I was down to do it for my face as well. Those treatments paid off in spades as there is no evidence or any scarring on my arm from the accident, and the way that the red light reduced the scar and rejuvenated the skin on my face was an added bonus.

It was earlier this year when I was reintroduced to this type of light therapy by my esthetician Joanna Vargas in New York. She had just introduced full-body LED beds into the services she offered at her practice, much like going into a tanning bed but with the complete opposite being done to your skin. Prior to my reintroduction, I had no idea that the benefits of Red Light and Near Infrared (or NIR) therapy were so wide reaching. Not only in their many healing benefits but also in the many different areas throughout the body in which it is a highly effective method of treatment. While I was aware of the skin health, inflammation, and scarring benefits from my previous treatments; JV told me that it can also help with sleep, muscle repair, and cognitive function. Anything that helps me with sleep…sign me up.

I have long suffered from insomnia, and have and will always continue to try anything that I can get my hands or do to naturally achieve better and more sound sleep. After a couple of sessions in the full body LED beds and feeling and seeing the numerous benefits, I began doing research on the different devices. Since the devices had in recent years become more attainable to purchase for personal use, instead through traditional medical offices and luxury spas, there was a decent amount of companies selling and promoting their own red light therapy devices that you could use at home. Then I found Joovv, and since it arrived I have not put it down since.

Skin Health and Rejuvination. Sleep Optimization. Muscle Recovery. Joint Pain. Sports Injuries. Memory and Learning. Training and Performance. Sexual Performance. Bone Health. Cognitive Function. Injuries, Scars, and Burns.

Those are just some of the many benefits that the Joovv family of Red and Near Infrared Light Therapy devices have helped their clients improve through their safe and easy to use at home devices. Joovv is the only company in its field to offer both targeted and modular devices. Whether you choose one of their portable devices to be more mobile, or one of the devices that enables you to create a whole wall in your home or office. My favorite is the Joovv Go, the targeted Red Light or Near Infrared travel device that is best for targeted skin and muscle treatments. It is the perfect size for traveling or just to have with you on the go, no matter what you are doing. Mine is currently turned on right in front of me on my desk while I write this! Since I first got the device a few weeks ago, I have used it every morning for ten minutes (or in the afternoon if I forget) to help wake me up and get my day started. In that time frame I have already taken note of the visible results in the appearance of my skin, complexion, and an increase of energy. The device does this by delivering concentrated and safe wavelengths of natural light to your cells and skin, aiding in reducing oxidative stress and increasing the circulation in the targeted areas allowing your body to make more core energy. This is done with zero chemicals, no UV Rays, or any excess heat. While the device is on you feel no temperature, only the bright red lights until it shuts itself off.

Since the lights allow your body to create more energy and circulation, it then enables the body to boost more natural collagen for healthier and younger skin. This type of therapy is effective in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, lessening the appearance of scars and blemishes, and treating a variety of skin conditions. Having used the device and knowing the science behind it, it doesn’t take long to realize why the Joovv brand has quickly become a cult favorite. One thing I particularly like about the Joovv Go is the targeted skin rejuvenation benefit that it provides, wherever you are.

Over the summer in New York RIGHT before my 30th birthday, all of a sudden I started seeing sunspots appear on my face under my eyes. They were similar in both formation and location to the eye black that athletes wear to reduce glare. I was confused at how living in the city and without fail wearing SPF 50 sunscreen on my face everyday, that these would just appear. I was so confused as to why I was “all of a sudden” getting sunspots? Leave it to my mom to quick to remind me that I had spent my entire life in sun-drenched Orange County, swimming and playing water polo without sunscreen. I wanted to hit the fifteen year old version of myself, very badly.

Once these popped up and clearly showed no signs of dissipating, I had them treated with lasers, cryo-lasers, bleached, peeled, you name it. You can read about how Dr. Sadick in NYC started to help me with these here! While obviously each one of those played a role in the significant reduction and de-pigmentation of my sunspots, I saw a very quick and noticeable result in them after doing the LED beds and once I began using my Joovv devices daily at home. It not only improved the appearance and minimized my sunspots, it further reduced the visibility of the scar I have over my left eyebrow, and helped to diminish or eradicate the skin flare ups I was having to incorporating my Joovv Go into my routine. Just as sunscreen was once my sole and without fail protection from the sun, my Joovv has become it’s right hand in combatting the damage of my earlier years.

Let’s talk sleep. The reason that you have heard people tell you to power down your devices at least an hour before you go to sleep is that the screens on our devices (phones, tablets, and TV’s), emanate blue light which our body reacts to as a signal to stay awake. Red light does the complete opposite of that, with its low color temperature that is far more suited for evenings and helps the body to wind down. By swapping out blue light stimulation for red light at night, Joovv devices help ease your body into its sleep cycle in a much more natural way. It basically helps reset your internal clock that you constantly disrupt by being on your phone. Of this I am enormously guilty. I am sure that anyone that has encountered any sort of sleep disturbance is aware of melatonin, a hormone in your body that helps regulate sleep. Immersing yourself in red light prior to getting into bed has been shown to allow your body to produce more melatonin, which in turn can help you fall and stay asleep longer. Since starting to switch out my phone with my Joovv device, I have noticed that I feel more rested and wake up from a much deeper sleep than I had previously.

Just as my trusty sunspots appeared right before I turned thirty, my testosterone levels also began to drop. LUCKY ME! While I was told by my doctor this is normal for some people, and could also explain a variety of symptoms I was experiencing that I otherwise couldn’t pinpoint a reason to. Lower levels of energy and a seemingly stronger sleep disturbances were the strongest symptoms that I recall prior to finding this out. Somehow my levels were low enough to be able to start a treatment regimen, which again surprised me for only being 29. Many other men who don’t meet the requirement or are looking for a more natural way to boost their testosterone levels (aka their energy, sex drive, and physical performance), red light therapy is an extremely promising way one can achieve that. Clinical trials and medical studies have been going on for decades, and have shown the immense potential that red light therapy brings for increasing testosterone production in men.

I don’t think that anyone can speak to this better or more frank than Ben Greenfield, voted America’s Top Personal Trainer. His infamous article “I Put a Giant Red Light on My Balls to Triple My Testosterone Levels” for Men’s Health is not only a must read for his knowledge on all things red light therapy and his balls, but also for the serious research he put in before turning to red light therapy in regards to the outcomes from the clinical research and medical studies that have been conducted. He’s a wise man to do that, especially prior to pulling his pants around his ankles in front of a wall of blinding red lights. He wanted to ensure and insure that nothing happened to his most prized possessions!

With all that being said and the many benefits that come come from incorporating red light therapy into your daily routine, it’s not hard to see why so many people are enthralled with Joovv and the variety of devices that it has to offer!