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That Moment in The Night, a Box of Storied Treasures by Robb Vices


A Box of Storied Treasures

Robb Report has long been a favorite magazine of mine, always revered for its curated content for the man who knows exactly what he wants. When I was fifteen, my aunt bought me a subscription for Christmas and since then I have renewed it every year, as I love their articles, stunning imagery, and the products they enthuse about. Well to my surprise in the new GQ Style magazine I came across an advertisement for Robb Vices, a monthly delivery service from Robb Report created for the modern man. The campaign images were inviting and provocative, it may come as no surprise that I immediately signed up. I received my first box right before Halloween, as each box is delivered at the end of the month. If you go to their website you will be greeted with a fantastic image of their signature black boxes and the motto “This is for the individuals who care about why something is considered great, want to discover the story behind it, and share what they have with those who matter to them.” This resonated with me, as this is exactly what I created this blog to do, Robb Vices at its core is essentially everything that Mr. BGB stands for.

I have signed up for men’s delivery box services before and have been moderately pleased but eventually discontinued using, but I trusted the reputation of the brand and knew that Robb Report would not let their consumers down. Not only was I correct in my thought process; I was blown away when the package arrived at my door. Being the sucker for packaging and it arriving in an all blacked out box made me even happier. Black is my favorite color; you should see my car and bathroom!

This month the box aptly called “That Moment in The Night.” One of the best parts of this box is that it includes a miniature magazine detailing the significance of and story behind the meaning of the name of the box each month, details about each item and what they cost retail, and how each product is incorporated into the theme of the story.

So let’s talk about “THAT MOMENT IN THE NIGHT…You know it. You’ve certainly been there before. You go out some nights hoping to find yourself there again. Yet, when asked to define it, you might pause – like we did, in considering this month’s theme. That moment in the night is… when weird and wonderful things begin to happen. When you are laughing so hard, you find your face wet from tears. When another round goes from being a good idea to being a prerequisite. When the best song ever comes on. When the food arrives. When the limo arrives. When you arrive…exactly where you need to be.”

Inside the box this month you find a bottle of Virginia Black whiskey, in which Drake partnered with liquor impresario Brent Hocking and the result is slightly sweeter than most, lower proof than many and incredibly easy to drink. From the bottle to the glass, Virginia Black has as much gorgeous swagger as her famous backers. Then you will discover a deck of cards from Art of Play, a sexy, artist-based company. There are 54 tiny works of art in a single pack. Your personal style can get a sleek boost and your cyber details stay safe with a beautiful Le Mans money clip from ZCLIP. Two custom made gold-rimmed shot glasses are included from Cocktail Kingdom, Cocoa Noir Dark Drinking Chocolate from Christopher Elbow, and lastly 24-carat gold marshmallows from Vivéltre.

This box salutes that Moment in The Night. Perhaps…. It actually calls for it. I am anxiously awaiting this month’s box after being so impressed with October’s, and it’s perfect for ideas for holiday gifts.