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The Priceless Plate

virginLast night I had the honor of joining MasterCard and Virgin Atlantic for a very unique event. We had Dodger’s stadium entirely to ourselves, which was insane to experience this iconic space empty, save for the partygoers. Although I was expecting a much larger crowd, I was surprised that our night was a far more intimate experience. With a gathering of around one hundred people, we were greeted by the Virgin Atlantic Flight Attendants and by various MasterCard executives, it was truly phenomenal.

It started with cocktails on the actual field with cocktail hour, followed by a private inside tour of the stadium. Starting with the member’s clubhouse, trophy room, the MVP room and even the pressroom (where the flight attendants were only too willing to let me grab a snap with them) then the actual clubhouse where they took our phones. Then it was dinnertime and that’s where the real magic was.

We were seated at this extremely long yet intimate and immaculately dressed table. Chef Ludo Lefebvre, who is known as the impresario of pop-up dining, and is as talented as he is kind and funny. My one regret of the night is not recording his reaction when a lady erroneously commented on his menu, asking him to make her a ‘private dish’! He is hilarious and this prolific chef is also the creative force behind the restaurants Trois Familia, Petit Trois, Trois Mec, and Ludo Bird. Host of the food network chef Tyler Florence, once remarked that Lefebvre’s food was “The best thing he has ever eaten at a sports game. Period.” Having experienced his handiwork I have to agree! He started us off with an endive salad and then a delectable roasted butternut squash, followed by the best grilled ribeye steak I have ever had in my life, finished off with a delicious rice pudding and chocolate cake.

The food was definitely the highlight of the night, but was made better by getting the opportunity to meet and personally speak to the Chef Lefebvre, who told me to pop by any time, sharing one last laugh about Mrs. “I would like to change the menu”!

The evening ended walking out with a lovely gift bag filled with sundry goodies, most important of these was Chef Ludo’s new cookbook, Crave. I cannot wait to start trying out some of his recipes in his book; I must admit his Fried Stuffed Tomato Beignets might have to be my first experiment in my kitchen. Ludo’s food is incredible and I highly suggest checking the book out yourself! Who knows maybe you will become your own new food impresario!