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You know that you are walking into the same establishment, its a place that feels like home. It’s made to feel that way. They share the same aesthetic, the same caliber of excellence and unrivaled service. The only difference is which side of the country you are in, and the grand entrances. I love that the Joanna Vargas Salon’s embody the city in which they are in. The vibes fit the surroundings like a glove.


In New York City, you are ushered into a gilded gold elevator, where the doors open directly into the Joanna Vargas Flagship. The vast duplex on Fifth Avenue is located directly across the New York Public Library at Bryant Park. The upper floor of the New York location’s holds the JV Headquarters, and the salon encompasses the first floor. The art collection, curated by Mrs. Vargas herself, would make even the most refined collectors envious. The duplex totals 14,000 square feet of pure luxury, pampering, technology, and a globally branded powerhouse.


In Los Angeles, Joanna’s sanctuary is a bit different. It was supposed to be. Not an ounce of the brand’s aesthetic or DNA is missing in the Los Angeles salon. The location and hidden nature add an air of fun and a level of mystique to it. As you’re driving down Sunset Boulevard right before Chateau Marmont, you see Jeff Klein’s iconic Art Deco landmark, the Sunset Tower Hotel. It is within the hotel that the Joanna Vargas Salon is nestled away. It was her client Bill Murray that was one to suggest the Sunset Tower Hotel to her, and what a recommendation. Shortly after, Mr. Klein himself signed up for services. 

Once inside you are personally greeted by hotel staff and escorted towards the guarded elevator banks. The hotel is known, amongst other things, for its predisposition on security and the privacy of its guests. From there you descend a blink and you miss it marble staircase, down two levels. With its brass railings hailing from the hotels heydays of Old Hollywood, you reach the entrance to the Joanna Vargas Salon. Not one to stray from the notorious discretion of the hotel, the spa is not immediately evident. It is located behind large golden velvet curtains, with two glass doors bearing the name Joanna Vargas on them. The second you walk through those doors, its evident that this area of the hotel is Joanna’s domain.


While the two locations could not be more different, both in location, entrance and size; they internally remain nearly identical. While New York has its vast open spaces, the West Hollywood setting at Sunset Tower affords a more personal ambiance. All of the treatment rooms come with their own en-suite showers, soaking tubs, and bathrooms. My favorite California amenity? The capability to order from the hotel’s in-room dining menu, should you work up an appetite! The treatments, her exceptional staff, and state of the art tools all remain the same. But would you expect anything less from Joanna Vargas? She has cemented her status in having the most luxurious settings for celebrity skin care from coast-to-coast.

Her ability to keep her namesake aesthetic for her bicoastal clientele, and herself, comes naturally to Joanna. When I say natural, don’t mistake that for easy. This all comes with the price of hard work and dedication. This woman works her ass her ass off for her clients! She spends years working formulating her products, and will never slap her name across a product that doesn’t meet those nearly impossible to me standards.

The impeccably stylish, and very west coast extension of everything that I love about Joanna, is perfection. The Joanna Vargas Salon at Sunset Tower delivers the privacy, comfort and luxury her clients have become accustomed to. It’s a further extension of the feeling that always keeps them clamoring back for more. With her products now prominently displayed in the hotel gift shop in the lobby, it’s even more exposure. I have gotten myself into plenty of trouble in that gift shop throughout my stays there. If those had been in the gift shop then, I would have saved a lot on shipping fees.


While yesterday was my first day being at the LA salon with Joanna, I did know what to expect. Having just re-opened two days ago, her Los Angeles clients were already feening to get on the schedule. Staying in line with the California safety guidelines, one person was allowed in the waiting room at a time. Everyone had their temperature checked, and everyone was required to wear masks. The cozy entrance displayed her signature pale pink and white hues. Each of her namesake products displayed proudly on their rose gold display stands.

I was very excited to finally make my way to the Los Angeles Salon, or JVLA. Since I spent so much time at the NYC location living there, I would always just wait until I was back in the city to go when I was in LA. So I definitely needed to get on that same level with the LA team. Especially since I will be residing in the Los Angeles area for the near future. The space is was exactly how I envisioned it would be. An impossibly chic hideaway for her West Coast devoted clients, and for hotel guests alike.


While Joanna and I were coordinating me coming in while she was in town, she was adamant that I meet her Master Esthetician and Brand Ambassador Sora Connor. Her instincts are never off, and this was no exception. We hit it off from the second I laid back on that table, and before I knew it, that Triple Crown Facial and more was finished! Don’t you hate when that happens? When you are having such engaging conversation and time just passes by so quickly. I was thrilled that Joanna put us together, as Sora instantly became my ride or die over at the Tower.

Sora used a number of technologies and techniques on me, some new and some tried and true. Most importantly being the Cryotherapy facial machine that Joanna sourced from Japan! She knew what I liked before I even arrived, she had even read my previous work! That’s a level of dedication to getting to know a client! Throughout the Triple Crown, Sora used micro-current, microdermabrasion, PLENTY of oxygen infusions, LED light therapy, and a few extractions unfortunately. Those are never fun!

When I stood up, I saw these results not only immediately, but in spades. My face was sculpted, had zero puffiness, was toned and tight. I had quite the radiant glow if I do say so myself. The Triple Crown facial uses a combination of products and tools that Joanna came up with originally for herself. Not only does it trigger heavy collagen and elastin production, but it continues to afterwards. That is what not only gave me the visible results directly after, but results I continue to see after. Like the ones I see today.


After the treatments the three of us all sat and chatted around the couches and chairs in the treatment room. Talking about what’s been going on in our lives, and the success of the Magic Glow Wand. I explained how much I love it, and why I know it’s gotten such a positive response from men. For once it gives us the ability to absorb the ingredients in her sheet masks. Not have the valuable ingredients wasted, and the device pushes them into our beard.

I didn’t sleep well last night, so first thing this morning I put on her Bright Eye Firming Mask. I then doubled up and put the Twilight Face Mask on top of it. Turned on that Magic Glow Wand, and for the three minutes let it do its work. I killed two birds with one stone, and I looked like I did just when I left the salon yesterday. I have been using the Bright Eye Firming Masks for about a year now. Whenever I have something important happening early in the day, those suckers come out to play. It really reduces any dark circles, the device sucks away any puffiness, and I look WIDE AWAKE. Which has always been a struggle with me in the mornings.

post treatment glow

Now that the Los Angeles Spa is now open, they are offering 30% off of Salon Gift Cards for a limited time only. The deal is good through July 4, 2020 and is applicable towards treatments and Joanna Vargas products.

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