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My Guide to a Decision-Free Outfit 

Like most people, I have some items in my closet that I can instantly walk in and grab them and be dressed in a minute or two. The first is always my black jeans which I wear almost every day, so I have quite the collection to make sure that they are pitch black and never faded. There are many ways to keep them looking that fresh, you can either make sure to turn them inside out when you wash them and hang dry them, or if you are adventurous you don’t wash them at all and simply place them in a large freezer bag and freeze them for three days. It kills the bacteria and doesn’t compromise the quality of the denim, and surprisingly a lot of denim companies recommend this. My favorite of them all is Jeffrey Rüdes, and for good reason. The fit is perfect, they are extremely comfortable, and they are expertly tailored. When I bought my first pair last year they tailored them on the spot and were waiting for me at my hotel when I arrived. Talk about amazing customer service! Even when I order online there is always a follow up email making sure it arrived okay and is expertly wrapped and presented. When you have a team like that, you get a lifetime customer in me. My favorite pair is their Slim Jean in Black, and I especially love the gold hardware on them. They recently released a Black Velvet Jean which I just saw and am currently lusting over, as like many I got hooked on the velvet train this past season. My black velour Saint Laurent boots are my newest addition to the velvet cause, which is ironic given it is the wettest winter in California in almost a decade, but somehow I manage to remember to bring or borrow umbrellas wherever I land!

Once the pant has been selected, I will grab one of my Acne Studios T-shirts. My favorites of which are black or white depending on how I am feeling. However, the majority of the time I’ll go for the black, I am always inclined to get everything in black. I enthusiastically tell my friends that I will stop buying black when they make a darker color! Now that it has gotten colder, whether I am home in Southern California or New York, it’s time for outwear. Everyone always makes fun of my closet because they say it’s the closet of someone that lives on the East Coast, which is true I definitely have an east coast sensibility when it comes to my clothes. Since California is nowhere near as cold as New York, I will grab one of my John Elliot Villain Hoodies. I have them in crewneck and multiple styles and variations, but I love the material, the pockets, and the side zippers. Sometimes if I get too hot I will simply unzip the sweater to cool down. I have a white hoody that has black hardware and a Burgundy crewneck that has gold hardware, I believe it is important to create contrasts and I love the look. Looking at Elliott’s site, I see they now make it in Kelly Green, and I might have to have that before Saint Patrick’s Day! If I am not wearing a sweatshirt it is inevitable that I am in a leather jacket. My two favorites are my one from Boda Skins or my Saint Laurent one from the last collection Hedi Slimane designed before his departure. It has matte black hardware and I wear that thing so much the leather is ‘like butta’.

Finally, but most importantly, it’s time for shoes, and depending on what I am doing it makes my choices much easier. If I am just running around I will wear my Adidas’s Stan Smith’s or my Lanvin sneakers. If I am working or attending meetings I’ll either wear my favorite Hermes loafers, or a pair of my Saint Laurent boots. What I am wearing will dictate the color I choose, but I usually put on the black suede Chelsea boots as they slip right on and then I’m done.

Then I grab my wallet, a watch that I am in the mood for, and a pair of sunglasses and I am out the door.

Share some of your best options with us!