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The Simplest Travel Tip

How to Turn Your Overwhelming Subway Experiences Into a Stabilizing One

Earlier last month when I had the great pleasure of being in Paris for work and Fashion Week, I was lucky enough to have my gorgeous friend Wallette there, who was walking in all of the shows. When she found out I was coming it was a no brainer she was leaving her Air BnB and coming to stay with me. We had so much fun that week; from the most unforgettable dinner at L’ESPADON at the Ritz Paris, to incredible evenings out with friends (new and old) at Hôtel Costes, to just roaming the streets and trying to squeeze all of our luggage into an elevator that could maybe accommodate two sample sized people (we had four rolling bags as well).

It was this one trick of hers that she taught me though that I will never forget, always use, and that I am now sharing with you. I have traveled a tremendous amount in my life, but when it comes to the Metro or the Subway I can get very lost and overwhelmed. I usually rely on my best friend Rob who is 90% of the time my international travel partner, or my best friend Alex in New York. Thank god that now both the New York Subway and the Paris Metro have apps, as I am sure many other large metropolitan cities do. I’m used to just using my phone for directions or ordering an Uber.

So her trick with your your ticket is, especially if it’s a multi-day or unlimited one, is to simply put the ticket in between your phone and your case. When I asked her where I should put my ticket (I had just got an iPhone 7+ and business cards had been falling out of my pockets when I would take it out), in her deadpan funny as hell voice, she goes “give me your phone dumbass!” She grabs my phone, rips the case back, and slips it inside. She goes “that’s how you don’t lose it!” and just shook her head, turned around and kept strutting her through the station. It was the simplest of tricks but one that is very smart and practical for anyone traveling especially in unfamiliar places. It has a way of stabilizing you in a foreign environment that previously over-whelmed you as a traveler.

I actually still have that metro ticket behind my phone as a memento of how fun that trip was. I hold on to certain things from trips because I like to be able to have them and be taken back to that moment in time and relive that memory. This ticket in particularly is still there just to remind me what a smartass she is and give me a good laugh whenever I need one.