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Pharrell Gets Us to Push Our Buttons

Since we know Apple is the serial innovator, pushing us past our comfort levels, like removing our beloved auxiliary cord, we now can’t charge our phone and listen to music at the same time. As a for profit behemoth, it comes as no surprise Apple are provoking us to embrace these adaptations, the upside is we get a plethora of new Bluetooth headphones to choose from. As with most things, we choose the ones that best represent who we are and mirror our individual style. Of course you can go the obvious route and buy the headphones that Apple foisters on us, besides being non-descript, I personally would lose them because they are not attached.

When I was in New York a couple weeks ago waiting for my fellow brunch mates to arrive I was grazing through my emails, I opened one that said the i.AM+ BUTTONS Bluetooth headphones were dropping that day. With my interest piqued, I researched further and the brilliant campaign, which featured Pharrell, Kendall Jenner, and Naomi Campbell hooked me from the start, but it was the product and design I loved the most. I found out there was an Apple store less than a mile from Sarabeths so I walked over to see if they had them, as the website listed them as one of the retailers and they were already sold out online. I picked up their last pair and have had them attached to my ears ever since. I always keep them in my briefcase because my phone is constantly on the charger, but I love how I know that I won’t lose one of them.

They are stunning works of art, gold discs with a chord to go around the back of your head. They are as practical as they are aesthetically beautiful; they almost feel like you are wearing a piece of modern jewelry. They come with a variety of different earbud sizes to fit every type of ear. Ironically, the most sought after Bluetooth earbuds are actually the best deal. Hearing is believing!