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When it comes to a product, whether it be clothes, skincare, jewelry, or supplements; what is that extra driving force that can elevate a product to becoming known as The Gold Standard? Quality, obviously. Packaging, at least when it comes to me, or anything luxury. “It’s about what you’re getting in terms of quality and quality control once it is made. I’m not packaging it in junk,” she said. Most important however, is the results and how it makes you feel. That is what I have found in Shore Magic. It’s a collagen brand focused solely on creating the best collagen powders and organic skincare on the market. Shore Magic and its founder Joy Harari have definitely struck gold, and people are taking notice.

Like many other people who are into wellness, skincare, and nutrition; the term collagen most likely is something that you have heard of, or incorporated into your wellness routine. For most people that has most likely been a collagen powder that you mix into smoothies, coffee, tea, etc. As the collagen market has continued to expand further into drinks and skincare, many consumers naively believe that all collagen is created equal. But when has that every truly been the case? This is where Shore Magic sets its own bar, or should I say gold standard?


Collagen is the matrix foundation of our entire body, making up over 70% of our body. Collagen production is an essential and necessary protein that our body needs to replenish itself. You often hear of people losing collagen as they age, which in turn leads them to invasive medical procedures. However, incorporating collagen into your routine at a young age, it sets your body onto a different track going forward. My experience with Shore Magic has been just that, I can see and feel the ways it enables your body to feel and look your best.

Over the past month, I have incorporated Shore Magic into my daily routine and have loved the results. I use it everyday when I am at home, both morning and night. I learned that it also aids in sleep which has also been a tremendous benefit to me. When I travel I use their Ten Day Luxury Packs, like I just did on my recent trip to New York! They are perfect for being on the go and currently on sale for $45! I wake up more rested, I have more energy, and my recovery time from work outs has decreased. It also has made a very large impact on the way that my skin looks and feels.

This is not something that I ever noticed while I was using any other collagen powders, not by a long shot. They all missed the mark. I always felt like it must be working, but on the inside. Or perhaps the benefits to my hair and skin were noticeable to other people just not myself. I will admit my vanity played a role in my initial desire to incorporate collagen powder into my life years ago. I would continue to use it blindly thinking it had to working because it says it does. But why would you want to invest your money in something that supposedly gives you these benefits if you really aren’t feeling them?


Where to begin? Shore Magic is Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen that is up to 19x more absorbable than other sources of collagen. NINETEEN TIMES! How is it able to do that, you might wonder? You aren’t alone, as that was my first question when I saw it and spoke with Joy. Shore Magic is able to reach that level of absorption by the lower weight of the molecules that are used in it’s marine hydrolyzed collagen.

Here is where it really gets good though. Shore Magic collagen is the only collagen that has proven, third party, published science to back that up. Not only supporting its claims of absorption, but also supporting the enhanced bioavailability and efficacy of Shore Magic compared to other brands. Additionally, it has only one pure ingredient. Shore Magic hydrolyzed marine collagen is made from solely from sustainably sourced wild fish skins.

I can assure you that when you mix your two scoops of Shore Magic into your coffee or tea, its completely tasteless. Since its purity is tested by a third party, this ensures that it doesn’t contain any binders, fillers, excipients, dyes or unknown substances. Simple. Clean. Pure.


In addition to their premium Shore Magic Collagen powder, Shore Magic has a line of organic skincare that is manufactured in France. In speaking with Joy why she sought to have the skincare formulated in France, her answer was instant and clear. Skincare that is manufactured in France is superior to the those produced elsewhere. She is right, as the ingredients in Shore Magic’s line surpass the standards of Europe, Asia and the United States. “That’s just how I feel about Shore Magic, it’s very personal to me.”

Every product contains award winning micro-engineered marine collagen that gets directly absorbed right into the skin. When speaking with Joy, its evident how proud of she of her ever-expanding collagen empire. Especially the skincare line, because together with their collagen, it brings out your best skin and leavings you glowing. When we were discussing how I like to take care of my skin, yet have never incorporated collagen into my products, she was baffled. She instantly told me about all of the benefits I would see and from what products specifically.

The most important of the many reasons I believe her? She told me a story about how she was working with a lab in creating a collagen water. She didn’t want one of the additives that the lab suggested that she add into the mixture, and she was adamant about this. The labs response to her was she didn’t need to include it in the list of ingredients, as it was not required.

Not only did Joy terminate her business with that lab, she walked away from the product that she was formulating with them. Leaving lots of money, time, and effort on the table. “That’s not me. That’s not who I am, and thats not what Shore Magic is. You know what you’re ingesting and putting on your face. This has my name on it, and I am not in the business of hiding my ingredients.” SOLD over here! It’s always great speaking to someone who talks about their business and its products with such integrity.


From the start of our first conversation, I was explaining to Joy that I loved the company’s packaging. From the second I opened the container of the collagen powder and saw the golden spoon, I was obsessed. I knew I wouldn’t forget to put this into my drink in the morning because I would remember the spoon. My friends told me thats not why I was remembering, but I knew it was. When I told Joy this, she agreed and told me thats why she put it in there. We spoke about the annoyance of the plastic scoopers that other brands used that would get everywhere and get lost. Where as this was something nice that you would display on your counter.

In speaking on her skincare packaging, I told her that the bottles reminded me of vintage Edison lightbulbs. She laughed and told me the inspiration came from antique yacht light fixtures from her home in New York. I loved how she brought that inspiration from her home and another time into the design of the bottles. The frosted glass also helps to maintain and keep the products at a lower temperature, allowing for even better absorption.


Shore Magic was founded and is run by Joy Harari. When she set out to create what would become Shore Magic, her mission was to utilize nutrition to help people to better enrich and change their lives. Joy is both a certified Holistic Health Coach and GAPS Specialist. While she was helping young kids on the autistic spectrum and adults dealing with anxiety and depression, she was using bone broth to aid in healing their digestive tracts and overall health of her clients. She continued to search for a better alternative, which she found in the main healing aspect of bone broth, collagen.

Her search began for the purest, highest-quality form of collagen available. One with no dangerous additives, fillers, synthetic vitamins or herbs. A hypoallergenic product, backed by science and safe for all to use on a daily basis. When she had found her perfect product, Shore Magic was born. Joy believes Shore Magic collagen is her way of healing the world, one person at a time.


Since she started her business, Joy has seen the amazing effects that Shore Magic collagen has brought her clients. “It’s as if Shore Magic has a GPS and knows just where to go for each person. Besides the commonly known anti-aging effects on skin, hair and joints, I saw a keloid scar heal on my wrist. Some people saw the anti-anxiety effects to the extent that they were able to get off of medication. Others had back pain resolve. Many eczema sufferers saw great relief. Children on the spectrum saw a drastic change in their ability to focus and with other symptoms.”

The scientist who did the research that was published, found that Shore Magic Collagen actually crosses the blood brain barrier and is involved in neurogenisis. That means it helps to create new brain cells, and also has detoxification effects on the lungs and liver. Since I have started using Shore Magic and seeing and feeling all of the benefits, I am looking forward to seeing the many more that come with continued use. It’s like Joy said, “its the white powder that is good for you!”