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She’s back at it! Like her SOLD OUT drop of the Magic Glow Wand did one year ago, these TWO new products Joanna Vargas products are doing the same. Since their launch, they are being soaked up (pun intended) by clients, stores, and skincare devotees alike; both the Eden Rejuvenating Pro Serum and the Eden Hydrating Pro Moisturizer are making their mark. Utilizing Swiss Apple Stem Cells, they visibly improve your skin’s radiance and minimize the appearance of fine lines, dullness, uneven skin tone, and pigmentation. Or in other words, the full spectrum of aging. The new plant stem cell powered products were formulated by Joanna to rival even the most advanced spa treatments. Including her own! For being a technological skincare innovator, that’s a statement coming from her!


As her go-to woman at her west coast outpost at the Sunset Tower Hotel, my aesthetician Sora Connor and I have been searching for a new holy grail face cream for awhile. We needed something to WOW us, and we’ve certainly found it in the new Eden moisturizer. It hydrates like no other, while boosting radiance and plumping the skin. It uses its powerful ingredients to turn back time, or in our case, hopefully freeze time! Aside from the Swiss Apple Stem Cells, the main ingredients behind this dynamic duo include Fruit Cell Culture, Ginkgo Biloba, and Calendula Flower Extract.

As always with Joanna Vargas’ eponymous products, they are free of petrochemicals, paragons, phthalates, and other toxic chemicals. Not to mention they are Vegan and cruelty free. These ingredients all come together to create age-defying skin enrichment that enhance any current skincare regimen. In the case of a Joanna Vargas skincare regimen, they SUPERCHARGE it! Perhaps I should try using these new products on my scar on my left wrist in the photo?!


When Joanna launched the skincare line back in 2006, she did so with only four products. Today there are over 16 products, not including her sheet face masks that have amassed a cult-like following of devotees. “Each of my formulas has result-oriented ingredients that penetrate the skin and deliver an instant glow,” she says. “My focus has been and will always be restoring confidence. I preach to people every day that there is no magic solution-—anyone can achieve the skin they want by doing the right steps every day.” Not only does she and her salon treatments follow that ethos, each of the products do too. The amount of time, research, and testing that goes into launching a new product for her is no quick task. She devotes years.


Now that our world has reopened amidst the COVID19 recovery, both of her locations are back open and fully operational. The Sunset Tower Hotel location is booked through September, as the hotel roars to life once again. Gone are the days of Joanna and Sora performing facials on the balcony in one of the hotel’s beautiful suites. The New York City flagship on Fifth Avenue, which was able to open a bit earlier than it’s bi-coastal counterpart, is back at full capacity. With her business being largely built by word of mouth, her products on the other hand, speak for themselves.