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Fall Risk designer John Targon dropped his brand’s sixth volume, Volume 4.2, giving back to his community amidst the current global pandemic. Utilizing unused materials from previous collections, Targon hatched a plan to put those materials to good use, and used the brand’s recognition and his reach for an even great cause.

Volume 4.2, aptly titled Remix Responsibly with Friends, was done in collaboration with his friend and artist Ian Ghent. Mix in his innately altruistic nature, and a deep-rooted love for the Bowery Mission in New York City where he volunteers; John created another brilliant volume in Fall Risk’s never ending successful bid to out-do each of it’s proceeding volumes.


While both in self-isolation due to the havoc that COVID-19 has wreaked upon New York City, they worked from their homes in tandem on this project. A project that would accomplish many things. It inspired and allowed people, including themselves, to get creative while confined. It also gave fans of Fall Risk and Ian Ghent the opportunity to purchase a collector’s item and wearable art, all while giving back. The Bowery Mission is an organization that has been helping homeless and hungry New Yorker’s since the 1870’s.

The best part? It worked, in spades. With a social media push teasing different items before they were launched, all 13 of the one of a kind pieces SOLD OUT the day they were released. The success however lies in that Fall Risk’s donation of proceeds to the Bowery Mission from the collection was matched three times over, and counting.


Unlike previous Fall Risk volumes, this one did not have a set or singular design aesthetic. The 13 one of a kind garments, which Ian hand-painted, stenciled, and graffitied; enveloped many different styles. My favorite piece was the Lorem Ipsum Shearling, a leather and shearling lined jacket. It featured extensive hand drawn logos in patch like placement with a white paint pen. Unfortunately for me, it was one size too small. As a result, that jacket will call someone else’s closet home. Similarly, there was The Plaid Me Jacket, a white shearling coat Ian spray painted. First a small logo on the front, and a bright black and pink argyle pattern encompassing the back. The ultimate streetwear take on an otherwise classicly styled jacket.

The Fall Risk DNA was evident in each of the pieces. From the Free Falling Logo Tee where Ian lined the Fall Risk logo up in a pattern like Louis Vuitton. “Hand drawn no template à la sharpie”. Similarly, with The Speed of Light Tee, the lavender color spoke to Ian in two distinct forms. First in reminding him of the Electric Lavender cocktails he used to drink at the Ace Hotel. The cocktail and the tee shared a similar hue. Accordingly, Ian also drew a lightning bolt onto it because it evoked memories of Elvis’ Taking Care of Business.


The garment that seemingly spoke the most to Ian was The Rock and Roll Tennis Warm Up jacket. It brought him back to the first time he saw a piece of clothing as more than just a garment. The said piece was Andre Agassi’s tennis shirt. It was his first “I need that” reaction to clothes. “With my first chance to contribute to fashion, I blatantly ripped it off with raw black and pink spray paint.”

While the jacket was definitely geared more towards a female buyer, despite John “feeling himself” while rocking it on an Instagram story, the Rock and Roll Tennis Tee gave guys their chance to get in on the Agassi aesthetic. “When I made the Rock and Roll Tennis Jacket, I loved the stencil spray paint process and how it came out raw and similar to the Agassi shirt. I felt like if no one bought into any of this, maybe John would let me get this shirt.” – Ian Ghent.


Fall Risk’s Volume 4.2 started and ended as a complete success. Sold out in one day? Check. The goal of raising money for the Bowery Mission a huge success? Double check. What does that leave? People clamoring for more Fall Risk. Volume 5 is set to be released sometime in April, as John showcases pieces and teases glimpses of the upcoming collection via both his personal and Fall Risk‘s Instagram accounts. It must be nice to be your own fit model, right? If you missed out on Volume 4.2 or any of the previous ones, continue to follow the accounts to ensure you don’t miss out this time!


Even if you missed out on Volume 4.2, you can still contribute to the cause in many ways. One of the most vital resources that can be provided to support the Bowery Mission is financial donations. This enables them to continue to serve the most vulnerable citizens and neighbors throughout the epicenter of New York City. This helps them with their exceedingly unexpected costs of supplies needed to package their meals to-go. Not to mention the constant cleaning of their shelter and residential spaces. You can help by donating today at, and remember that each and every dollar helps!

Another way to help with their ever-increasing and daily demand for their services, is their demand for much needed supplies. They have outlined details of specific supplies needed at, or on their Amazon Smile Charity List. Thank you to everyone that has helped in bringing crucial aid to one of the cities most crucial organizations!