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When moving to a new city, new state, let alone across the country; it’s very hard to find new doctor’s that you trust. Let alone if they are they are the one that is going to be dealing with your FACE! Enter doctor Neil Sadick of Sadick Dermatology, world renowned MD with locations on famed Park Avenue and 15th Street in New York City. It took my quite sometime to find a new Dermotologist that I liked and trusted, and was surprisingly turned onto Dr. Sadick by a co-worker’s email at Douglas Elliman. Knowing our companies sterling reputation in every aspect of everything, I trusted this recommendation and made an appointment. As my luck would have it I showed up at the 15th Street location instead of the Park Avenue one, I had to reschedule and he was gracious enough to get me in the following morning.

What had initially brought me was since moving to New York last September, around April I developed a brown spot on the left side of my face but ignored it because I just assumed it was a freckle. Then a couple of weeks ago, what resembled an astrology line showed up on the right side of my face that looked the exact same, I decided it was time to finally go see a doctor. When I finally got into Dr. Sadick and his amazing nurses that took care of me, Maria & Jennifer, he informed me they were sunspots. Sunspots? I had lived in Orange County, CA my entire life, which was 28 years until I moved to New York full time in September of 2018. Now that I am turning 30 on Tuesday, I immediately questioned how would I all of a sudden have sunspots appear, especially the ones on the right side of my face that resembled the Big Dipper, when I now reside in a city and am not constantly spending time in the sun at the beach, the pool, or California in general? I would have thought our concrete jungle’s tremendous skyscrapers and freezing winters would have had the opposite affect. I was wrong, very wrong. There are two things I learned from Dr. Sadick and his team about how and when sunspots appear, they were from damage that was done when I was younger and not wearing sunscreen with SPF 50 in it everyday like I do now. It also probably didn’t help that I grew up swimming and playing water polo and didn’t wear sunscreen either. But also pollution in the air can cause sunspots to appear.

Ironically when I moved to the city I had become a big fan of Dr. Barbara Sturm’s products, especially her Glow Drops and Anti-Pollution Drops. Ironically, I had never opened the Anti-Pollution Drops which perhaps would have helped. This innovative serum promote’s skin’s natural barrier function, and combats oxidation and inflammation caused by pollutants. A special protective complex that strengthens the skin’s defenses, neutralizes airborne heavy metals, and protects against pollution-caused dullness, uneven skin tone, and premature aging. I regret not incorporation these into my routine once I moved to the city, let alone with knowing what it did. Always learning my lessons the hard way.

So after making my appointment with Dr. Sadick, I was very intrigued as to what treatments they were going to recommend. It had been nearly a year since I had botox since I moved, as I mentioned previously, it took me a while to find a doctor. What he we ended up doing was Dr. Sadick’s regimen of micro-botox on my glabella, a word I didn’t know previously that refers to frown lines and your forehead and anger lines. He uses this technique of micro-dosing to keep things natural looking, fresh-faced and without leaving you looking frozen. Since subtle lines on men are a much more masculine look; myself, more men and Dr. Sadick goal is to bring men back towards moving towards the more natural aesthetic rather than the frozen look. In all honesty, as we all should.

How they treated my brown sun spots, technically called Lentos and which is what originally brought me into the office, they treated them with the Enlighted laser by Cutera. The unique aspect of this user is that it has a very small spot size so the doctor can treat the small brown spots without damaging any of the surrounding healthy skin and tissue. The brown spots flake off within 7-10 days, and with my 30th birthday coming up in two might not have been the smartest idea, but I would rather take care of my sunspots than look better in a photo.

Lastly, we did some hair treatments due to me coloring and bleaching my hair quite a few times. Naturally brown, I have dyed and colored my hair blonde, platinum, ice gray, and blue for Fashion Week back in 2017 (which unfortunately turned partially green while I was on vacation in Thailand, from a mixture of the sun and salt water). They sat me under the red light for 20 minutes which decreases the inflammation and strengthens your hair after its been colored to repair damage. This can also be caused by stress, which as you can imagine living in NYC there is plenty of that! Your diet, medications, and other lifestyle choices can also contribute this.

On top of the damage and loss from coloring, there were a few small spots where genetic hair loss was starting to appear. To fix that Dr. Sadick and his team use PRP, which is Platelet-rich plasma, and is an injectable treatment that utilizes your blood as a catalyst for stimulating the activity in your hair follicles and promoting new hair growth. Since your blood is composed of two elements: red blood cells and plasma, it’s your plasma that contains the substance for triggering new hair growth. The blood platelets that are found in your plasma are so rich in growth factors and healing properties, the PRP treatment began with nurse Jennifer drawing a small amount of my blood and placing it into a centrifuge, which separates the vital plasma and growth factors from the red blood cells. Once the plasma is extracted, it is injected directly into your scalp. Trust me, it wasn’t pleasant but not nearly as bad as it sounds. The results of this procedure are gradual so that you won’t see improvement right away. Several weeks later, you will start to notice the growth factors taking effect, resulting in thicker, fuller hair at the site of your injections.

In regards to the skin care products that I use that Dr. Sadick and his team were very proud of and thought were great for my skin, is I first start off with Joanna Vargas’s Vitamin C Face Wash, which at $40 for award winning products that last a long time is quite the steal. I will then follow that up with the Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 Original “1970” which I use as a toner, and has honestly made my skin better than it is have ever been. It is only available however in New York City and Philadelphia at Rescue Spa or their online store, so you can get it anywhere and I swear by it. Then if it is the morning I will follow it up with Joanna Vargas’ Rescue Serum, which is packed with Vitamin C that will even your skin tone, build resilience, give you a glow. If its nighttime about 3-4 times a week I will use her Super Nova Serum, which is a multidimensional Retinol term that will visibly improve the firmness of your skin, and enhance the vitality and clarity. Last step day or night, I always apply Elta MD UV Daily Broad-Spectrum SPF 40. You can legit get it on Amazon Prime. Finally once or twice a week I will use Dr. Sturm’s Facial Scrub which I get on Mr. Porter, or use Joanna Vargas’ Exfoliating Mask.

Hope you enjoyed learning about Dr. Sadick’s techniques on making men and women prevent and maintain their skin without having to go under the knife! Definitely more to come!