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I recently went into my local shoe repair store to pick up a pair of black suede Saint Laurent Chelsea boots that had taken one too many beatings out at bars and clubs. So as I was picking them up and dropping off a pair of light grey Tod’s driving moccasins I wanted cleaned and protected, the man behind the counter gave me some really good suggestions on how to take care of my suede shoes at home, saving the time and money of having them professionally cleaned.

While everyone says you should always use suede protector spray on your suede shoes, few do, myself sadly included. But if we are going to invest in nice suede shoes, we sure as hell need to take to care of them, and all you need is a few simple tools. Suede shoe spray, a suede shoe brush, and your shoes and hands. Antony’s instructions were very simple:

  1. When you get your new suede shoes, spray them with the suede protector spray.
  2. After you have worn them three times, take your suede brush and clean them with it, brushing away any dirt that might have accumulated. An important note he said was this also removes the protectant, so you will have to respray the shoes again to ensure they stay protected.
  3. Just like that, every three times you wear the shoes you repeat the process. This not only ensures you take care of your shoes, but you save the time and money of having to bring them into the store.

So avoid being like me and remember to “Three-Peat”! Break the habit of getting your shoes professionally washed and cleaned, when you can easily avoid it by simply doing it yourself at home. He recommended purchasing Cadillac All Weather Shield spray and one of their store suede shoe brushes, all of which you can easily find on Amazon. I know I will definitely be swearing by these tips going forward, especially as it continues to get colder and the weather more unpredictable.