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When I returned for the final week of New York Fashion Week, I was primarily there for two shows but also to see my friends. The first was for a great friend of mine’s fashion week debut, which I previously wrote about in my last drop. The other show was for Baja East. A brand who I have loved from their first collection and is constantly evolving, and whose designer’s and their shows are the definition of decadence, excess, and opulence… but best of all a great time. I love and am always thrilled and intrigued by what these the three of these men will do next. I would be putting it mildly in saying that I went back to New York to see three of the most provocative men that I know showcase their new Fall 2017 collections, and they delivered in every way.

In lieu of a traditional runway show, as their last one held was held in a parking garage on Bleecker Street during New York Fashion Week this past September, John and Scott of Baja East decided they would hold an intimate dinner with their closest friends and models at Kola House, all of them dressed in the new collection, and then they threw a fantastic party right after the dinner. Held at the Gilded Lily, the Baja East/SPRING presentation (get it before it sells out) which was sponsored by Ciroc & White Girl Rosé; also served their guests drinks that were cleverly enough named after their Instagram handles, Johnlovespinecones and Scottlovespalmtrees, and unlimited White Girl Rose in the VIP booths that was always being restocked. You know I love a good Rosé, so between that and their namesake cocktails it was the perfect combination to get your buzz on.

For anyone that is somewhat familiar with the design duo of Baja East, John Targon and Scott Studenberg, or follow them on social media know that they are guys that LIVE for having a great time with the people they care about, and know how to make one hell of a statement and entrance. Vogue stated, “There are designers for whom fashion is a gated estate, to which only the elite are invited. And then there are designers for whom fashion is a party that everyone’s invited to.” That’s exactly who and what they are, whether it is from their rainbow BE shirts which all of the proceeds go to the Equality Florida’s Pulse Victims Fund, or their black crocodile and fur sweatshirt (of which I tried to steal from John at bar more than once), they have stayed true to their brand DNA all the while enjoying every bit of excitement that comes along with expanding their brand and giving back to causes they believe in at the same time.

Leaving behind the tried and true runway shows that everyone expects of fashion week, they did it their own way. No, they did it the BAJA way. Utilizing some of their best friends to showcase the new collection as their models, ranging from Caroline Vreeland, Winnie Harlow, BAJA muse Soo Joo Park, Alana Hadid, Delilah Belle, and Nolan Funk; their clothes were on full display at their “after party” that was actually their collection presentation. Hence the No After Parties title. If you think about it what better way to show off your new collection? It really does not get more fun than that, using your closest friends to show off your clothes and throw an insane party! Insert the dynamic designers themselves, drinks, a dance floor, beautiful people, and Instagram and Snapchat stories; and you’ve become immersed into the BAJA world. Which is exactly what John & Scott wanted and achieved, it was a great party, with great people and even better clothes.

When I arrived and met up with John & Scott, they were both dressed in their upcoming season’s black and gold tracksuits, and ironically the three of us were sporting matching blue hair which was an unexpected yet fun surprise when I arrived. Actually, there were many people there with blue hair, which only amplified the mood of the evening. The new collection, as each one always does, mixes high and low price points and materials making it accessible to everyone and for every occasion. Their concept and core brand value of loose luxury is that you feel sexier when you feel comfortable, and with that mindset they essentially filled that void in the fashion world for both men and women. This season, more so than last, mixed quality streetwear with luxury and more formal pieces. You had the sumptuous silks and velvet pieces, like the sapphire blue trench coat and matching satin back crepe drape front pant (those of which I already copped) and a fringed poncho that I am obsessed with, to garments featuring metallic lace, luxury sweats, a shimmering velvet tiger print sweater, or any other of the bold and beautiful Who Gives A Fuck mentality perfectly tailored items. I think that Vogue said it best when they said, “Anyone can feel welcome at a Baja East party – as long as they are cool.”