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Strap on Your Skates

The VIP Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Experience

I don’t know if you have ever heard about Viator, the travel experience websites that creates tours and experiences for travelers around the globe for things both expected and unexpected. I have used them for years; I used them to gain access to the Royal Opera House at Versailles in Paris that is not open to the public, helicopter tours in Dubai, and again this year for a Royal Opera House private tour in Paris. It is an amazing way to be able to experience something that you didn’t know existed, or if you did that you didn’t think you could have access to, or for that matter could afford. They provide experiences at all price points and it is one of the first places I go to when I plan a trip. This year I used them for an all access ice skating experience at Rockefeller Center.

As I write, I am currently in Manhattan with my friend Morgan, as I wanted her to experience the city during the holidays, as nothing can replicate it and at such a beautiful time of year, aside from the 25 degrees and crazy wind speed we heard all day from our balcony in our suite. When planning this trip I discovered the Viator offered an insider experience to legendary experience of skating at the Rockefeller Center during the holiday season with the iconic tree in the background.

When we arrived for our tour we strapped on our skates and were whisked to a heated indoor chalet to keep warm while we waited for our turn to take to the ice, admire a sparkling tree and the gilded Prometheus sculpture as you circle the rink; hopping on and off whenever you want a break and sip on complimentary hot chocolate, coffee, or indulge in freshly baked cookies and pastries from Cucina & Co. There is an on hand concierge to help you lace up your skates and provide tips to use on the ice and take a ride up to the Top of the Rock for 360-degree views of the city from 70 stories above.

This was great as it was 8:30 am and freezing, and to quote Morgan she would bathe in hot chocolate! Wait until I get her to Paris to experience Angelina’s hot chocolate; she’s in for a treat. The fresh-baked cookies and expert skate-fitting assistance from the on-site concierge were not a bad addition! So not only did we have this benefit but also we avoided the shivering lines in the cold and escaped the long wait lines of which I have heard horror stories about! I still remember doubling over with laughter when watching the Mindy Project, when she loudly protested at having to wait three hours in line, I would rather experience the outrage through her brilliant writing than the real thing!

Since I knew that tickets like these would regularly sell out, I pounced and booked them immediately so I didn’t miss out on this authentic experience of skating at Rockefeller Center. It was everything that you would hope for, while feeling like a true New York City insider, with the opportunity to have priority access to these iconic experiences, the surreal ice-skating experience at Rockefeller Center and the incomparable views at the Top of the Rock. This is something I would highly recommend during the holidays in New York!