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The Candles Are Glowing

Tom Ford’s new line of Private Blend Candles come in a sexy, amber-colored vessel, unlike many other candles. Their scents are incredible, and they say “bougie” on the front because they’re Tom Ford and also because it’s the French word for candle. And as you would expect with Tom Ford, their price point is not for the faint of heart.

When it comes to reviewing Tom Ford and his candles, I believe that glowing is just the start of his review! The name alone evokes sensuality, excellence, innovation, and un-paralleled luxury. Whatever that man touches “becomes something”. When Tom Ford creates clothes, films, accessories or in this case candles, they all fall under his ‘spell of his genius’. Candles illuminate not only our homes but our lives, and they truly set the tone for our space. Their scents fill our living environments and our olfactory senses, and Tom Ford Private Blend Candles brings all of these together.

As a huge Tom Ford fan of his fashion, films, or grooming products; everything he does is gold in my eyes. A few years back when he launched his private blend collection of fragrances he did a set of candles for the holidays, but then they were gone. Seemingly forever. Until this year they made their triumphant return, albeit more expensive but more of a statement piece at the same time. Whereas the old candles were similar to most candles you would see, the new and improved private blend candles come with not only the candle but a metal holder as well.

I have nearly ten of Tom Ford’s private blend fragrances, each one evoking a different attitude or memory. My two favorites are Tobacco Vanille and Neroli Portofino. The Neroli Portofino scent is the one I would call my signature scent and it reminds me of a trip to the Amalfi Coast with my mother for our birthday’s, so I was thrilled it was included in the collection. These candles are set to immerse you in the world of Tom Ford with artfully crafted private blend candles designed to not only scent but style your home.

Some candles can take up to an hour to fully percolate your space with it’s scent. As you might expect, a Tom Ford candle is not shy and sets its own standard, within minutes of setting a match to the wick, the heady and aromatic perfume fills your living space furiously and quickly, and smells just as strong between minutes and hours. Each candle has a burn time of 40 hours, which helps with the sticker shock.

All through the year light a candle, not just for its peaceful and quiet energy, but also for the steadiness of that energy and scent, and for the reliability of its warm and calming effect it has on you and your environment. But lets be real, a Tom Ford Private Blend candle is going to set one sexy energy.

Buy them now at at Spring before they sell out, as they are already sold out on Tom Ford and Neiman Marcus online!