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Ménage à Trois. A French word that when spoken instantly evokes feelings of excitement, adrenaline, sexual freedom and opulence. While it sounds much sexier and seductive in French, in plain old English its a threesome. While the encounter itself may not be everyone’s cup of tea, if there is one brand who knows how to take a playful take on words with their naming of their products and run with it, its the the wild child designers of Baja East. So when it came time for John Targon and Scott Studenberg to collaborate with Related Garments on their new line of undergarments, Baja East Body, naturally they took a walk on the wild side as they are known to do. Case in point their collaboration with Winc Wines  BAJA EAST X WINC was a red blend labeled THIRSTYwith one of their trademark exotic animal print designs from their Spring 2017 runway show adorning the bottle. Not only as drinkable as water, the all black cork had THIRSTY written in their trademark font.

So naturally if the brand was going to create something as intimate as what protects your junk, these two are certainly not going to slap a basic title on it. When have they ever done anything like that associated with their brand or themselves? For Baja East, Ménage à Trois seems as logical of a title as any for their their new of collection undergarments. A collection that includes; men’s boxer briefs, briefs, socks, (I had to order more socks because I gave too many to my friends, they are THAT comfortable) as well as women’s bralettes and panties, all conveniently packaged in boxes containing, as you would imagine by the title, an assortment of three of the items. It could only be this rowdy duo that could make their underwear and socks fun and sexy, but keep the quality and design true to their brand’s core and at a price point to that everyone can afford. From their celebrity clientele ranging from Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, to myself or you; anyone can purchase them.

Their boxer briefs are as comfortable and form fitting as you can come to imagine if you are familiar with the brand, driving me to abandon my life long affair with #MyCalvins (Sorry Beib’s & Kendall). I highly doubt I am the only man to whom purchasing a three pack of boxer briefs for $65 that costs less than two pairs of my normal one’s, that this is a no brainer too! Throw in my magnetism for the provocative, being a sucker for products with a wicked name and packaging, sold! From my personal knowledge of the brand’s impeccable customer service of always being prompt and on point, they have had a customer out of me since their first collection and they will make a customer out of you as well.



The Candles Are Glowing Tom Ford’s new line of Private Blend Candles come in a sexy, amber-colored vessel, unlike many other candles. Their scents are incredible, and they say “bougie” on the front because they’re Tom Ford and also because it’s the…