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I love discovering new things, even more so when it organically falls into my lap. That’s exactly what happened when I discovered Radice Apothecary, the organic skin-care line helmed by Jasmine Urzia. The line uses purely organic ingredients, most of which are grown in her family garden at her home in Tuscany. I discovered Radice Apothecary by being a member of Robb Vices, Robb Report magazine’s monthly subscription box that arrives each month with a trove of expertly curated products. Never being one to disappoint, last month right before I headed out on my trip to Asia, my March box arrived with two products from a new collaboration between the brands aptly titled Radice Apothecary for Robb Vices.

The products in the box were Radice’s Orange Blossom Water and their Black Currant Cream. I was excited for these products for a number of reasons, and my fondness grew even more once I tried them out. Aside from the fact that the products are beautifully designed and packaged (I am sucker for packaging), the Orange Blossom Water’s scent immediately transported me back to the souks of Morocco, where I have very fond memories. Then add to the fact the products are all completely organic and handmade in limited batches each season, and I was SOLD!

I am always very hesitant to use anything on my face that my dermatologist hasn’t recommended or that I haven’t researched extensively, but in reading about Radice’s origins and production process I instantly connected with Jasmine’s philosophy. I also couldn’t stop spraying the Orange Blossom Water on my face, so it was kind of hard not too! It was after reading about the brand’s painstakingly unique and rare for today’s approach to creating organic skincare, I reached out to its founder to discuss everything Radice. From her deep-rooted (pun intended, Radiće is Italian for root) love for the products she creates, to how her inspiration was sparked from three generations of her family’s Italian heritage, all of which began with her grandmother making organic creams from her garden. What started in the 1900’s has become Jasmine’s lifelong infatuation in crafting the products now known as Radice (pronounced ra-dee-chay) Apothecary.

Throughout our numerous conversations, I was not only impressed by Jasmine’s vast knowledge, but for the love of her brand and the significance it holds to her. The success of the brand lies in her approach to making skin care products that are handmade, organic, and luxurious. I asked her what her favorite products were, and she told me that they are the Myrrh Cream and the Honey and St. John’s Wort Mask.

Her love for the Myrrh Cream starts with the simple fact that she loves to infuse her creams and products with ingredients that have history and meaning behind them. “Myrrh is most commonly known as one of the gifts, along with gold and frankincense, that the Three Wise Men brought to Jesus in the New Testament.” She makes the Myrrh oil herself by infusion, and will only buy her Myrrh resin from Egypt simply because “it is the best place to buy it.” The process itself takes her over a month to make as she explained that she lets the oil infuse under the sun at my home in Tuscany in an amber jar. “This way I can extract all of the benefits of the resin allowing my Myrrh oil to hold very strong anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and antioxidant effects.” Similarly, in her Honey and St. John’s Wort Mask it is the composition that makes it a favorite of hers. The mask utilizes medicinal plants such as Aloe, Sesame, and St. John’s Wort to stimulate the skin’s natural ability to maintain the hydration and nourishment it receives.

I asked her how her collaboration with Robb Vices came to fruition, to which she informed me that they reached out to her! It was through our many conversations that I became more intrigued about the rest of the line, until I had amassed nearly all of her products in my medicine cabinet. My favorites so far are the Orange Blossom Gel Mask, no surprise there, and the Rose of Castile Eye Cream. When I wake up in the morning, regardless of if I went to bed at 10:30 PM or 4:00 AM, my eyes have puffy bags underneath them and this eye cream has eradicated that problem for me. She loves conversing with her clientele via email, as she loves the personal interaction it brings between herself and her customers and believes it adds to their experience with the brand by providing them with all the information needed to help them select the best products. It’s like having a luxury pharmacist at your fingertips.
Part of Radice’s appeal is that Jasmine has not made it overly available, although now you can purchase the products on their website and through select retailers throughout New York City, where Jasmine now lives. This includes WANT Les Essentials, CAP Beauty, Organic Avenue, The NoMad Hotel, and Clover Grocery. The products are also available at Beauty by the Sea in Nantucket, Bird New Zealand, The Beautyholics in Rome and at Casa Violetta in Tulum, Mexico. She is also looking to expand the reach of Radice products putting them in retail locations in California.

I know that I can’t wait to see what products she comes out with next in the coming seasons, and the ones after. If you want to know more about Radice Apothecary check them out on Instagram at @Radiceapothecary, their website, or by email at