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The GUNS N’ ROSES WAS HERE pop-up event held this past Thursday at the Maxfield LA Gallery in Los Angeles was set to bring a great group of people together in celebration of the 30 year anniversary of the Guns N’ Roses’ album Appetite for Destruction. The title of this album could not have been anymore fitting for the look of the gallery, garments, or guests; as hoards of today’s most in demand designers, models, stylists, rappers, musicians, and many more made their way through the gallery. The gallery resembled the aftermath of a riot more than that of an exclusive space showcasing and selling the commemorative capsule collection celebrating the revered band’s three decade achievements. Everything about it was brilliantly executed.

The centerpiece of the gallery and pop-up shop was a demolished cop car surrounded by broken vintage televisions, fold-up chairs, and other destructed materials. Maxfield’s patrons  pursued all of the exclusive garments before they were made available to the public the following day at 11:00 am, and which quickly sold out. The one of a kind items were retailing for hundreds or even thousands of dollars for pieces of clothing and accessories that were shredded, ripped, pinned, and adorned with holes. The high/low mix of the designs and materials matched with the luxury and handmade craftsmanship of the pieces blended in perfect unison by the few designers selected to participate in the collaboration.

While the event was held at the Maxfield LA Gallery located across Melrose Avenue next to Craig’s, across from the Maxfield LA’s main location where the fashion elite flock to swipe up the latest and most in demand fashions, the sidewalks were packed with paparazzi and those hoping to get a peak inside at what all the commotion was inside and why on earth a demolished vintage cop car was on display with the police standing outside. The window was adorned with a pink neon sign that read GUNS N’ ROSES WAS HERE, which I later found out was for sale and wisely did not dare ask for how much. The event was everything that one would expect out Maxfield and everyone involved in this special production, especially one honoring GUNS N’ ROSES and the calvary of talented designers who collaborated on the limited edition and highly coveted capsule pieces. While GNR was the theme of the garments, each designer unitized different sources of inspiration for their contribution to the entire capsule collection that were inspired by today’s exploding feverish need for streetwear clothing and the looks and inspiration they have brought along with them. Some of these titans of the streetwear industry that were asked to participate in this collaboration between Maxfield and Guns N’ Roses were Palm AngelsEnfant Riches DéprimésOff-White™, Kelly Cole, and personal favorites AMIRI and MadeWorn. To me, it was the seemingly perfect mixture of designers for curating a capsule collection to celebrate the brand. Both the design of the event and the clothing itself pulled off the aesthetic and physical blend of streetwear and luxury, and gave everyone a reason to celebrate this Guns N’ Roses collaboration.


Once the guests were ushered in, they were greeted by the main floor display and all of the clothes surrounding them on all of the walls. This main gallery served as Maxfield’s sales floor with all the garments and accoutrements surrounding the aforementioned demolished police car, my personal favorite thing in the entire venue, and where your Maxfield contacts and friends were there to help you pick out your items. Hanging from the metal garment racks and hand crafted shelves were nearly every type of item you could imagine. From Guns N’ Roses’s beach towels, frisbees, mugs, and yo-yo’s, to everything that you would expect from today’s trendsetting designers like- vintage worn tees, both short and long, hoodies, vests and jacket in denim and leather, and many varieties of jackets and bombers. Staying true to many of the brand’s identities and aesthics that had participated in the capsule collection, they also designed and sold accessories like bandanas, jewelry, and custom Converse sneakers that were also available for purchase. From there you were lead to the back where you could get cocktails, order burgers and fries from the burger truck, and mix and mingle with friends new and old; even some of the designers themselves. In conversation with HypeBeast, Virgil Abloh stated that with his “capsule collection, which was inspired by the band, my aim is for another generation to feel the impact they had on me, through the clothes.” Similarly, with Axl Rose being such a big supporter supporter of her brand, Kelly Cole stated that she “wanted to make something that stayed true to what we do aesthetically while also bring the GNR feeling and iconography into it.”

Exactly a week after hosting their widely attended and covered Hanes xKARLA launch for the Karla Welch and Justin Bieber collaboration for the affordable and perfect white tee shirt, this event was a complete 180. From the guest list, to the design of the location, and garments themselves, Maxfield sure knows how to continuously stay on the cusp of each fashion trend at just the precise moment. They sure show no sign of stopping anytime soon, and I sure hope that they don’t.

Maxfield Gallery
8818 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90069