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Make Everyday a Getaway with Gray Malin

The first thing that comes to my head when I think of design is art. I love art and I love interior design. At one point I thought that I had too much art, but that’s not true. You can never have too much art. It’s inspiring, thought provoking, and memorable. There is one artist whose work I have been collecting over the years, and now because I am so enamored with his work I switch his prints out seasonally. His name is Gray Malin, and his saying is also the title of this post.

Gray Malin is a fine art photographer and recently became a New York Times bestselling author with his book Beaches, which features stunning aerial beach shots from more than twenty cities across six continents. After being released in May of this year, it remains a best seller on Amazon.  Aside from his incredible art, it’s his passion for design and the continual development of his brand that draws me to it. A lot of his pieces are from places that I have traveled or events that I have participated in, or ones that inspire exploration of new travel destinations. Not only are they remarkable pieces, they bring me back to certain trips and let me relive my memories. So for me his work feels intimate and personal.

Gray took the plunge and left his corporate job and began selling his photos at a small booth in local swap meet. It was his Prada Marfa series that put him on the map, “He has become the artist of the moment for Hollywood and the fashion elite,” say critics. He has collections from nearly all over the globe; from the Amalfi coast to the Hamptons he reveals it all. On his website, you can search by country, city, color, orientation, price-point, theme, classic collection, aerial collection, and private collection. It’s such an easy site to navigate and find what interests you the most. There are different size options as well as in-house framing, and every piece is hand signed and numbered. There is a picture and price point for everyone, and if you can’t decide which one someone would love you can simply purchase a gift card.

Then you have the products. For travel he’s got the carry all cocktail kit for you to make two drinks with in-flight. His apparel products include men and women’s swimwear, as well as a distinctive and slightly provocative apron. Then he’s got his goods: beach towels, iPhone cases (of which he had his line for the 7’s released faster than any other company I have seen and wanted to buy from), this past summers must-have accessory the Swan Float adorned with one of his aerial images, and his line of Swell bottles showcasing some of his favorite photos for each season. Lastly his home collection, which consist of cocktail napkins, gift-wrap, his book Beaches, and his newly released line of trays. I of course, as the enthusiast who couldn’t decide have them all! It’s the unique way, in which Gray is able to fuse the worlds of artistry, travel, adventure, and luxury together, that his lifestyle brand that comes from his deep passion and design is so accessible and inviting to everyone.

He has also has had some great collaborations as well. The first one that pops into my head is the one he did with Vueve Clicquot as I was at their polo match a couple of weeks ago in Los Angeles. He produced original prints inspired by the brand’s essence last year, and the photos are fantastic especially with how he shot and incorporated the bottles into the images.  He has also partnered with Le Méridien hotels on a few occasions and designed their room keys. He also collaborated with Sperry Top-Sider’s on a shoe line that featured his photography. Those were some dope boat shoes.

I had the opportunity to meet him for the first time at his book signing in Los Angeles at Serena & Lily, and he was gracious enough to take the time to have a twenty-minute conversation with me after finding out that I scheduled the timing of a trip to go to an event that he had done a series on, Snow Polo in St. Moritz, because I read about it on his lifestyle blog. My friend and I ended up spending the whole evening talking with his incredible team that works with him and who share his enthusiasm for his brand, his success, and clearly his happiness. His husband showed me videos of Gray literally hanging out of a helicopter by a harness shooting in Bora Bora! These videos were insane, terrifying to me, but showcased his tenacity to realize and go after his visions. Gray is genuine and authentic; I was humbled by his passion and encouraged by the success of his hard work. You can see the look of excitement in his face when someone tells them how much they love his work or why it inspires them. It’s all real too, as I know first-hand from multiple conversations with him. I’m excited for his journey and brand evolution as well and see him bring out more images and items to add to our lives. My bank account… probably not so much! Do be sure to subscribe to his site because not only do you get 20% off your first purchase, you will get free iPhone backgrounds emailed to you so your phone can showcase his incredible images as well!

The photo I used from this post is hanging in bedroom, and like I mentioned in my Inclinations post the scent Neroli reminds me of the trip to Italy I took my mom on for her 50th birthday. Gray took this in Positano which is my favorite city in the world and somewhere we spent a lot of time in on that trip, and it is hung right above my nightstand. First and last thing I see every day, and thats the feelings Gray’s work will evoke in you!

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of our daily life off our souls.” ~Pablo Picasso