Brendan Brown many things. He is the founder of the successful men’s fashion and lifestyle blog Mr. BGB, and a luxury estate real estate agent. He works with his West Coast clients in Beverly Hills, Malibu, and Miami as an agent with Westside Estate Agency, and in New York City with Douglas Elliman. He splits his time and work between Los Angeles and New York City. Brendan has previously held a contributor platform with the Huffington Post and Men’s Fashion Post. He has contributed to GQ, The Mr. Porter Journal, Town & Country. Brendan currently has his first book in development, amongst his other writing and media endeavors. He has designed numerous capsule collections, and consults and collaborates with large brands, companies, and hotels. Brendan Brown is a GQ, Mr. Porter, and Travel + Leisure Insider, and a SELECT Partnership Curator.

He is one of the co-founding members of the Young Professional’s Committee, part of the Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research. The Young Professional’s Committee launched in 2019 and hosts the Midsummer Angel Gala, and the foundation hosts New York City’s iconic Angel Ball. Brendan is actively┬áinvolved in the AIDS Walk Foundation’s efforts in both New York City and Los Angeles, God’s Love We Deliver, the Central Park Conservancy, and the Whitney Museum. It was his love of travel that ultimately brought him to South Africa in 2012, on a volunteer trip that would forever change his life. Every year since, he has returned to South Africa to work hands on with the lion population and the African Lion Conservation, in their efforts towards the conservation of wild lions throughout their country.

Brendan created Mr. BGB to be a one-stop guide for men who appreciate fashion, design, travel, wellness. A place that you could enjoy curating a lifestyle suited towards yourself, or where you want to go. Here he provides fresh fashion insights, his favorite new products, travel ideas, and the best lifestyle additions. Paired with personal stories, he shares things that inspire him, tips and tricks, and inclinations from people, brands, and companies that he respects and admires. Brendan’s love of experiencing new cultures and penchant for global travel is evident, having traveled to over 31 countries before he turned 30. With his innate passion for fashion and design, he brings it all that to the table. Mr. BGB’s showcases fun new discoveries ranging from new and classic designers, devices, experiences, and wellness and travel tips. The ultimate goal is to find ideas and inspiration, and make them your own.

Mr. BGB is a platform where he shares personal stories, opening up about all aspects of his life. Past/Present/Future. You can follow Brendan on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or SnapChat to see what goes on behind the scenes in his daily life, and more. His social media handle on all platforms and channels is @MrBGB.

For brand and media inquiries, please send information to contact@mrbgb.com, or if you would like to reach him personally at brendan@mrbgb.com.