About Mr. BGB

Brendan Brown is the founder and creative director of the men’s fashion and lifestyle blog Mr. BGB, and a luxury real estate agent with Douglas Elliman in New York City and California. He has previously held a contributor platform with the Huffington Post, is a designer, and soon to be author. Brendan is also a GQ, Mr. Porter, and Travel + Leisure Insider. His men’s lifestyle blog is a one stop guide for men who appreciate travel, fashion, design, and want to live a curated lifestyle. It provides style tips, trend forecasts, travel ideas; along with personal stories, inspiration, and inclinations from people he respects and Brendan himself. From his enthusiasm for global travels and a deep passion for fashion and design, Mr. BGB has broad appeal to the man that is looking to curate their life or find ideas and inspiration for their lives.  Mr. BGB is a platform where he shares personal stories in opening up about his past, present, and his future. Follow Brendan on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to see behind the scenes of his daily life at @MrBGB, or you can contact him directly at brendan@mrbgb.com.