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The holidays are stressful for everybody, even more so for those that have to fly to see their family and loved ones. Flying may be a quick and convenient method of getting around, but it does have some drawbacks. Cabin humidity is thirty percent LOWER than the average room. Lack of cabin humidity wreaks havoc on drying up your sinuses, drying out your skin, dry scratchy eyes and even life threatening issues, such as breathing for people with asthma.

Just for good measures dry cabins create fatigue, and most people focus on time change as the reason for their struggle with jet lag. What they don’t realize is that dehydration from traveling is a huge contributor and very often over looked!


They say to drink half your body weight in water a day, one pound equates to an ounce, so if you weigh 180lbs you should be consuming 90 ounces of water in that day.  However, when traveling try to increase that by fifty percent, to 135 ounces of water. I say water because sports drinks are less effective for traveling and also add unnecessary sugar and other ingredients that further dehydrate you.

Of course I am not saying don’t drink the complimentary champagne or cocktail, but they DO increase the dehydration process, so by pacing yourself and alternating between water and wine or vodka is the key.  I also bring one of my empty Swell water bottles; my favorites are my Gray Malin ones that they change the designs seasonally or my copper plated one created for the Plaza hotel in New York. I bring them through security and pick up filtered water at the lounge so I can measure my intake of water.


This to me is the most important part. The largest organ in the body is skin, it is the thirstiest of all our organs and thankfully or regretfully it tells us if we are hydrated or dehydrated. You can visually see it. Not only should we be drinking at least eight ounces of water per hour of flying time, we should also be moisturizing. The bone-dry air inside the cabin of a plane can induce dry, flaky and itchy skin, or make what were little blemishes even worse. This is the reason that I always carry the travel size of Eau Thermale Avène’s Thermal Spring Water with me on the plane. This thermal spring water has been a naturally soothing source for sensitive skin since 1743, and it’s unique composition is clinically shown by over 150 studies to calm, soothe and soften the skin. My dermatologist Dr. Zena Gabriel recommended it to me after hearing my travel schedule and my skin has never been the same since while traveling. I use it before, during, and after the flight to ensure my skin isn’t losing its moisture. It hydrates, feels great and reduces the punishing our skin gets when traveling. I am also not afraid to put a hydrating mask on my face for 15 minutes on a long flight. Do I look crazy to some people, probably! But my skin is going to look all the better for it. My favorite mask would be SK-II Facial Treatment Mask. Sit back, relax, and put on your mask and scare some kids! For me regardless of if I sleep perfectly or get no sleep at all, I always seem to wake up with puffy eyes, never more so than on a plane. For that remedy I always use Skyn Iceland’s Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels, I have tried others but these actually stay on and slip down your face if your not lying down. I usually wait till I am in the car with sunglasses to put these on, but if the time calls there is no shame in putting these on while in the air. Not to mention to get 8 pairs for $30 is a deal you really can’t beat.


 Imagine yourself as a Medical Doctor tending to a patient, they have no matter what’s when tending to the patient, fluids and supporting the ‘vitals’, in this case your eyes, nose, throat and lungs. I recommend Rhoto Cools eye drops; they are natural and make your eyes feel and look great especially after long plane rides. I recommend a saline nose spray, removes nasal discomfort due to dryness and prefects’ nosebleeds.  If you don’t need medication to optimize breathing, I would recommend a simple inhaler of Echinacea and licorice Root and Ricola honey herb throat drops.

Whether travel to you is luxurious, stressful or both, my skin, body and mind and overall energy thank me for being mindful of how I prepare myself when flying, and hopefully this helps all you travelers as well! So ease your thirst and your body will thank you later!




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